Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

I’m always looking for a great foundation that will give me flawless skin. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation is one of my long time favorites that I’ve been using off and on for probably the last 10 years. I haven’t had a bottle of it for a while, so I was so happy to have the chance to try it out again.

I love that this foundation comes in 40 shades, so everyone can find their perfect match! The foundation has a medium coverage, and I would say that it is a natural finish, and not too matte or dewy. It applies easily, and blends out effortlessly (I like using a brush). It evens out my skin tone, but still lets my skin peek through.

While I do like this foundation, it isn’t my favorite anymore, and there are a few reasons why I won’t reach for it regularly (and probably why I haven’t for a while). MUFE HD has a natural matte finish, but I tend to prefer a little more of a dewy finish since my skin tends to be more on the dry/normal side, and I just like the look of dewy skin. I don’t like wearing heavy makeup on the daily, but I do like more of a medium to full coverage foundation that will cover most of my freckles. MUFE is nice for when I just want my skin tone evened out, but it doesn’t have enough coverage to cover my freckles, which are pretty dark and I have a lot of them.

Overall, I do still like this foundation and will use it for times I only want a light makeup look, but it won’t be in my every day makeup routine. I would recommend this foundation to someone looking to even out their skin tone, but doesn’t need a ton of coverage because it has a beautiful finish and lasts for a decent amount of time on the skin.

What is your favorite foundation?


*I received this product complementary for testing purposes from Influenster.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

Shade: Y375

Brush: Sigma F80


Foreo LUNA play

I’ve always wanted to try the Foreo Luna, so when I got the chance to try the new Luna Play before it was even released, I was ecstatic! Foreo asked me to participate in their 10 day challenge and I really didn’t expect to see noticeable results in that short of time. I used the Luna Play morning and night for 10 days and I actually saw results by the second use! My pores had shrunk a noticeable amount and my skin felt so much smoother. I love how easy it is to use and the compact size fits really well in my hand and can easily fit into hard to reach places like the sides of my nose.

With all this being said, would I purchase this product with my own money? Probably not. The reason is because while this tiny device works wonders and gave me almost immediate results, this is a disposable device. It is pre-charged with about 100 uses and cannot be recharged once the battery runs out. If it’s used twice a day, that’s about 50 days you will be able to use it, and that’s assuming you keep your cleansing time to a minimum.

The Luna Play is marketed toward someone who wants to try out a facial cleansing device without committing to the full price, rechargeable options, or someone who wants it for travel purposes only, since it’s a smaller version of the full size Luna or Luna Mini. At $39 for 100 uses, I don’t see the Luna Play as being very practical, at least for me. I would rather pay for one of the rechargeable versions that I could use countless times, and if for some reason I didn’t like it, Sephora has an amazing return policy. As for travel, it would be great since it’s so small, but the Luna, and especially the Luna Mini are plenty small enough to be great for travel and not take up much room in your suitcase, and their charge lasts up to 5 months before needing to be recharged. It would also have to only be used for travel since there’s only a limited number of uses and you’ll never know when it might stop working while you’re on a trip. Not only all of this, but one reason many people like the Luna over the Clarisonic brush is because it doesn’t require parts to be replaced such as the brush head.

Since I had such great results and really loved using the Luna Play, I will probably purchase the Luna Mini since it is rechargeable and has more features. Hope this helped if you’re wondering if the Foreo Luna Play is the right facial cleansing device for you.

💗 Ashley

Buy the Foreo LUNA play here


Update: I just found out the LUNA play come with a code to redeem for $39 off the LUNA 2 so if you’re planning on buying the LUNA 2 it may be worth it to try this first since the price ends up going toward it.  If you’re planning to buy the LUNA mini, unfortunately the code cannot be used toward that device.




Favorite Beauty Products of 2015

IMG_6998Today I want to share some of my favorite beauty products from last year.  These are things that I liked to use for the majority of 2015 and couldn’t live without!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


This mascara is amazing!  In mascara I usually look for something to add a little length and a lot of volume.  I actually kinda like my lashes to be a little clumpy!  The wand is a very chubby, hourglass shaped brush that adds tons on volume and the blackest black pigment.  It’s easily buildable to get the thickest lashes possible and the pretty pink packaging just makes it that much better!

Buy it here!

Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base


To me, eyeshadow primers are a must.  They help to prolong the wear time of your shadows and prevent creasing.  I have normal skin, but for some reason my eyelids are super oily so I really need a primer that will not only help my eyeshadow stay on all day, but also keep my lids matte and that’s just what this does.  This one has no color and goes on completely clear, so I love wearing it even if I’m not wearing eyeshadow, just to keep my eyelids from getting oily.

Buy it here!

Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Tint-In-Oil


I’m really not a fan of lip gloss.  I much prefer lipstick or even a balm, but that all changed when I received a sample of this one from YSL.  That may be because its really not a gloss, but an oil.  It feels like a really nice moisturizing oil.  It has a sheer tint that stains your lips and it also smells amazing!  I love love colors Cherry My Cherie 5, and Peach Me Love 6.

Buy it here!

Essence Lip Liner, Satin Mauve


I absolutely love how smooth, creamy, and pigmented this lip liner is, and the color is perfection!  Mauve was the hottest lip color of 2015 and I think I found the perfect shade with this lip pencil.  Its so smooth and creamy that I can fill in my entire lip with it not skipping or pulling and have a seamless application.  And if it can’t get any better, its under $2.00!

But it here!

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed, Champagne Pop


Everyone talks about this highlighter, and for good reason.  Its a unique color compared to many highlighters with it being a light champagne with peachy undertones.  It really reminds me of MAC Melon Pigment which I love!  The application is so creamy and smooth and looks gorgeous on the top of your cheekbones or anywhere else you like to highlight.  I also love using it as an eyeshadow!  Its been out for a while, but it says its limited edition.  I would pick one up while you can!

Buy it here!

MAC Eyeshadow, Saddle


This is one of my favorite eyeshadows ever!  Its a warm, matte brown that I love to put in the crease and it pairs nicely with so many other colors.  Its a color that I can’t live without and I use it in most eyeshadow looks.  I love to pair it with Champagne Pop on the lid!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Powder, Havana


I bought the Anastasia Contour Kit after I heard everyone raving about it but I ended up not loving it so much.  I use all of the colors occasionally on the face or eyes, but the only color I really love is Havana.  I love to use this color as a bronzer on the outer edges of my face.  Its matte but I love the warm tan it gives to my face.  It’s nicely pigmented and blends out easily.  I’m glad you can buy the colors individually because when I run out of Havana, I really don’t want to buy the whole kit.

Buy it here!

❤ Ashley


Pale Pink Nails


Anyone whose been on the hunt for the perfect pale pink nail polish knows how hard it is to to find one that’s the perfect color and also applies completely opaque. I was on the hunt for so long until I discovered this beauty by Nails INC in collaboration with Victoria Beckham. It is in the color Bamboo White, which is described as a white nude cream, but I think it definitely has a bit of pink in it.

When I first spotted this nail polish on Sephora’s website, I’ll admit, I was drawn to it only because of my obsession with VB. With my bad luck in the past with my perfect pale pink polish search, I decided not to buy it and thought the price was ridiculous anyway.

A couple months later I saw a picture of someone wearing it and it just looked perfect!  The perfect color, the perfect opacity, it was just perfect!

So I decided to fork over the $25 for the polish, and I have to say it was totally worth it!  It’s the exact color I had been searching for and it’s mostly opaque in one coat. With two coats it is completely opaque and applies beautifully without any streaking. I think the shape of the brush really helps in application as well.  The best part about it is that, for me, it stays on for a whole week without chipping!  I really hope they come out with more shades because currently it’s only available in two shades. This is by far the best nail polish I’ve ever used. If you’ve been on the fence about it, I totally recommend it!

Have you tried any Nails Inc polishes?  What was your experience?


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