One Year!

I can’t believe my blog is already a year old!  In honor of it’s first birthday I’d like to share some of my top favorite posts from the past year, as well as talk about my experience so far.

I’ve wanted to start a fashion blog for a few years. I never did it because I was scared. I was scared of what people I know might say. I was scared of mean comments I might get from people I don’t know. I was scared of taking pictures in public because people passing by might think it’s weird.

In this last year not one person has said anything negative to me, I’ve never had one mean comment on the Internet, and not one person has laughed at me while taking hundreds of pictures of my outfits. I didn’t even know if I would have any followers to even care about the content that I post. I’m so happy that I finally took the leap to post my first outfit because that was the hardest one. I’ve enjoyed every minute and I’m so excited to continue to create content. I truly appreciate every sweet comment anyone leaves me on my blog posts and Instagram.  I can’t wait to see where my blog is at in another year from now!

Thank you for following along!


IMG_8768See full post here!

IMG_6862See full post here!

IMG_3993See full post here!

IMG_7962See full post here!

IMG_1674See full post here!

IMG_7830See full post here!


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