Casual LBD

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the color pink.  I’m obsessed!  If I have the choice between something being pink or a different color, I’m definitely choosing pink!  From light to dark, from blush to fuchsia, its all beautiful.  I went through a phase when I was about 15 or 16 where I had to wear something pink every day whether it was a skirt or a bracelet, something had to be pink.  I had done it for about a week without realizing, until someone at school pointed it out to me, then I decided to just keep it going.  I stopped this type of obsession long ago, and have since realized that sometimes all you need is a little black dress.  ..that can be accessorized with pink!

For my first post, I wanted to feature something simple.  A little black dress is something so simple, but its a necessity in any woman’s wardrobe.  I love this one because it can be worn so casually during the day, but then dressed up to go out at night by changing up the accessories.  I’ve never been a fan of the whole gladiator sandal trend, but I love these!  I think its because they look a little more girly and modern in the blush color!  This purse is also great because I’ve found that even though it looks pretty small, I can fit tons of stuff in it and wear it as a shoulder bag during the day, and at night I can remove the strap and carry it on my arm or in my hand.

I hope you enjoy this look!

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photo 2photo 8

photo 6

photo 4 photo 7

Outfit details:

Dress:  Nordstrom

Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff

Purse: DSW, sold out (like this better!)


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